Martial Arts

Cost: 5, 10, 15, or 20 BP

Martial Arts represents the character’s training in a particular martial arts style. The particular style must be noted when the quality is purchased; additional styles may also be learned, but each requires the quality to be purchased again.
Each style provides a set of specific advantages to certain aspects of melee combat. Only one advantage may be chosen for every level of the quality. For example, at 5 BP the character learns one advantage, at 10 BP, two advantages, and so on.

A character gains the advantages of all martial arts styles she knows; should they overlap, these dice modifiers stack. The maximum number of dice that can be added to or subtracted from a character’s dice pool from martial art modifiers is equal to the rating of the relevant Combat skill.

The Martial Arts quality also allows the character to purchase maneuvers (see p. 158). Note that unlike many qualities, the martial arts may be learned in play if one can find a suitable teacher. The Experience Points | Experience cost is double the base BP value of the quality. Finding a teacher may require some roleplaying, or even an adventure. Free instruction is extremely rare, so use these price guidelines. Black Market Instructor (Skill 1–7) Instruction Skill x 2,000 Silver Certified Instructor (Skill 1–7) Instruction Skill x 1,500 Silver Once a character has a teacher or tutorsoft , she makes an Intuition + Agility (BP Cost, 1 month) Test. Instructors can make an Instruction Test (see Using Instruction, p. 123, SR4) to add extra dice to the learning test. All injury modifiers apply, as do distractions for poor conditions, and so on. Many styles are not widely available, and the few living masters with knowledge of such styles require gifts and services other than money before they will pass on their knowledge. A character may learn a style at the same time she learns or improves a Combat skill, though the GM may wish to require that the style and skill be related.

Martial Arts

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